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Professional Services

The Institute does recognize that it must provide other basic services to allow all members of our community to function adequately in their respective roles.

School improvement is hard work and if schools are not constantly improving and growing in their capacity to build and meet the needs of today’s students, they will lose ground and fail in their mission to serve the future, our children.  The American Indian students who enter the schools on a daily basis are coming with individual learning needs that are substantially different from those of students long ago. Furthermore, the performance and expectations of these students are much more challenging than those of the past.  As professionals, we also know that it is necessary to put “best practices” to work to make sure that there is improvement in student learning. So, why is the academic achievement of our Native children very low and continue to drastically decline in all educational systems? This is because the philosophy and doctrines that our educational system is based upon does not give much credence to educating the WHOLE CHILD  Thereby, the methods and tools that are used to educate the American Indian students target only the “mental” aspect of child learning. Our educational systems still do not address our students’ other human elements and their development; emotional, physical and spiritual. Thus, American Indian students have they have very low motivation to learn, and their characteristics often do not develop to a life sustaining level. One of the reasons that these students do not receive adequate instruction as prescribed by traditional American Indian standards is that theinstitutions and systems where these students are educated rarely recognize the importance of this type of education.

The traditional American Indian  education standards prescribe that for a child to have a comprehensive educational experience, a child’s four (4) human elements have to be addressed: their Mental (Binits4kees), Emotional (Baa’1ni’), Physical (Bits’77s), Spiritual (Behod7lyin) developments.  American Indian education is based upon the philosophy of teaching the child’s mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual human components and likewise, the methods used to deliver the teachings target and stimulate the child’s mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual human components.

The goal of the Institute for Diné Culture, Philosophy and Government, LLC. is to restructure and refine the overall educational instructional and organizational programs to meet the needs our American Indian students for more effective teaching and learning, yet meet the mandates of the No Child Left Behind Act as well as utilize the state’s Academic Standards in all components of the teaching and learning process of developing a “whole” child. Our goal is to redefine and restructure the current educational programs by changing how schools define and perceive the education of American Indian students.   In addition to our redefinition endeavors, we will also provide technical assistance and professional development to state department of education, school districts and local educational agencies in the manner that these schools will

deliver instruction to American Indian students; instruction will target the four (4) human elements of our children: Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual.

The Institute for Dine Culture, Philosophy and Government, LLC. provides technical and professional development services in educational programs to fit the needs of the NATIVE WHOLE CHILD. We have expertise in providing long term and short term technical assistance as well as training individual school’s staff in reviewing and developing appropriate educational programs so the WHOLE CHILD is targeted in not only the classroom but school wide.

Our staff has expertise in public schools, charter schools, contract and grant schools, as well as private school requiredprograms in those appropriate programs to meet the needs of our target population, the NATIVEWHOLE CHILD.  We have the following QUALIFIED staff:

  • – Curriculum Specialist
  • – Language Linquiste
  • – Policy Making Specialist
  • – Culture Specialist
  • – School Reform Specialist

The Institute for Diné Culture, Philosophy and Government, L.L.C. is committed to provide community services such as:

  • – Workshops
  • – Seminars
  • – In-service trainings
  • – Cultural events
  • – Navajo language & classes
  • – Native & Traditional Counseling
  • – Research in Education
  • – Investigations for under developing schools

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