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The Institute for Diné Culture, Philosophy, and Government, LLC., is an organization committed to restructuring and redefining the overall educational, instructional and organizational programs to meet the needs of our American Indian students; that they may experience more effective teaching and learning, yet meet the mandates of the No Child Left Behind Act as well as utilize the State’s academic standards in all components of the teaching and learning process of developing a “whole” child. Our goal is to redefine and restructure the current educational programs by changing how schools define and perceive the education of American Indian students. In addition to our redefinition endeavors, we will also provide technical assistance and professional development to State department of Education, school districts and local educational agencies in the manner that these schools will deliver instruction to American Indian students; instruction will target the four human elements of our children: Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual.


Yikáíí Yizhchí - Conference - 2020

This month’s conference had been carefully designed and developed to enhance all who attend. The conference is for all ages willing to learn, be inspired and educated with harmony and balance.

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Sa’ąh Naagháí Bik’éh Hózhóón


To foresee the implementation and practice of Sa’ąh Naagháí Bik’éh Hózhóón within our Diné society.


Utilize the principles and ethics of Sa’ąh Naagháí Bik’éh Hózhóón to restructuring and redefining the overall educational, instructional, and organizational programs to meet the needs of our Diné and indigenous students.


We utilize the traditional Diné concepts of:

  • Nitsáhákees
  • Nahat’á
  • Iiná
  • Siihasin

to advance the traditional teachings and concepts that has sustained our Diné people for generations.

About Us

As Institute for Diné Culture, Philosophy, and Government, we strive to enhance and equip our Diné and indigenous people with the traditional values, concepts, and methodologies that have carried our people for these many years.

Founded in 2003, Diné Institute has worked with various entities by providing technical assistance and professional development to State Departments of Education, school districts, local educational agencies, as well as tribal governments.

Much of the work we have done includes the hosting of several culture conferences throughout the year, holding a week-long culture summer camp, and providing consultation services to educational, governmental, health-related, and social service entities.

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Engages and Promotes Personal Achievement & Empowerment


Diné Institute recognizes that it must provide basic services to allow all members of our community to function adequately in their respective roles. Within this context, we intend to apply ourselves and our resources to the various fields and disciplines within our Diné and indigenous communities.

Instead of relying upon non-Diné and non-indigenous forms of education, government, health, etc., we aspire to utilize our traditional Diné concepts, teachings, and methodologies, and apply them to these various fields of disciplines. Whether the fields are educational, governmental, social services, health-related, legal, judicial, or administrative, we aim to ensure that our partners and clientele are equipped with the traditional and cultural tools to resolve, progress, and advance their fields of discipline.

Our services extend to avenues as:

  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • In-Service Trainings
  • Cultural Events
  • Navajo Language & Classes
  • Native & Traditional Counseling
  • Research in Education
  • Investigations for under-developed schools

Much of our service specialization is education based. What we pursue is to restructure and refine the overall educational, instructional, and organizational programs to meet the needs our Diné and indigenous students, and to change how schools define and perceive these students. In addition to our restructuring endeavors, we also provide technical assistance and professional development to state departments of education, school districts, and local educational agencies.

Our educational services revolve around school improvement, curriculum mapping, and technical assistance.

School Improvement

School improvement evaluates current instructional and organization programs within individual school organizations and recommends methods in achieving Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP).

Curriculum Mapping

Curriculum mapping evaluates current programs within schools and gives recommendations to develop, restructure, realign, and articulate curriculum to mandated state and federal regulations, based on the No Child Left Behind Act. The Cornstalk Philosophy is also utilized to target student needs in their mental, emotional, social, and physical development areas.

Technical Assistance

The Institute staff are available for long term school-wide evaluation of instructional and organizational effectiveness of individual schools, whether they be public, private or BIE.  Our staff has expertise in implementing a schoolwide model in making determinations of school limitations and strengths, thus making recommendations for realistic Action Plans that can be reviewed on a consistent basis throughout the school year.  Our staff uses the following steps in providing this technical assistance:

  • Developing the Profile: outlines a process analyzing information in a variety of critical areas that leads to a comprehensive profile of students and communities served by the school.
  • Defining Beliefs and Mission: assists schools in articulating their beliefs and mission to help guide a shared vision for a common purpose and direction for the school.
  • Defining Desired Results for Student Learning: guides in the identification of goals and expectations for student learning aligned with the school’s beliefs and mission.
  • Analyzing Instructional and Organizational effectiveness: helps schools analyze the effectiveness/quality of their instructional and organizational practices & determine alignment of these conditions with the schools’ beliefs, mission and goals for student learning.
  • Developing the Profile: provides a process for determining the target area goals for school improvement, the design of data-driven and research-based school improvement initiatives to achieve the goals, estimate the timelines and resources required for implementing the strategies, Implementing the Plan
  • Documenting Results: helps schools monitor the implementation of the school improvement plan, collect evidence of the achievement of the target goals for improvement and sustain the commitment to continuous improvement.

Other Areas of Technical assistance, all based on the traditional Navajo Philosophy:

  • Education of leaders in the areas of business, government, and leadership, using Diné Philosophy
  • Effective administration of Head Start programs and staff development
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Culture – Based Curriculum Development
  • Education of Gifted and Talented indigenous people
  • Mental Health issues
  • Substance abuse, prevention, including alcohol, inhalants, and other drugs

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Cultural Conferences & Workshops

Conferences & Workshops

In addition to providing services, we also host conferences of various topics and themes revolving around our traditional Diné stories.

A staple conference that we host annually, Yikáii Yizhchį́ explains the story and Significance of Yoołgaii Asdzą́ą́ (White Shell Woman) and her development into Asdzą́ą́ Nádleehí (Changing Woman). For over a decade, this conference explores the laws and rules that were redefined and reimplemented through Yikáii Yizhchį́ and the Twin Warriors within our Diné culture.


While our culture conferences usually revolve around stories about The Four Worlds, Yikáii Yizhchį́, The Twin Warriors, and Mą’ii Jooldloshí, this conference concentrates on our Diné Language. The conference delves into the creation and reasoning of our four sacred Diné languages of Yoołgaii Saad, Dootł’izhii Saad, Diichiłí Saad, and Bááshzhinii Saad, in how to apply it to research, curriculum development, and other avenues of usage.

A conference that we occasionally host that explains what happened after all the Naayéé’ (Monsters) were destroyed by the Twin Warriors of Naayéé’ Neizghání (Monster Slayer) and Tó Bájíshchíní (Born for Water). From here, Diné Fundamental Law was reimplemented and reconstituted by the Twin Warriors and this conference centers on these developments.

This conference provides a perspective and elaboration of our traditional Diné ceremonies. While many of our conferences are story based, this conference focuses on the origins, purposes, usage, context, protocol, and etiquette of Diné ceremonies. The conference explains ceremonies ranging from Anaa’jí (Enemy Way) ceremonies to Iinaají (Lifeway) ceremonies and Wóláchii’jí (Red Ant Way) ceremonies.

An occasional conference we host that serves as the second part to Yikáii Yizhchį́. This conference continues the story of the Twin Warriors of Naayéé’ Neizghání (Monster Slayer) and Tó Bájíshchíní (Born for Water) in their journey to their father, Jó honaaéí (The Sun). Here, the trials and tribulations the Twins had to endure sets the stage for Naayéé’ K’ehgo Na’nitin (Monster/Warrior Teachings) and the eventual eradication of the Naayéé’ (Monsters/Evil) from the land.

A conference that focuses on Diné Fundamental Law regarding the natural processes of the environment, Diyin Dine’é rules and teachings, clanship and family values, and everyday practices. This conference focuses on the foundations of Diné culture, philosophy, concepts, and laws.

A more niche conference we organized that discussed parental guidance systems that could be utilized by new parents or current parents. Many of these concepts discussed derived from Diné culture and knowledge and delves into the teachings and disciplines of a home, sacredness of a child’s home, and the do’s and don’ts of being a parent.

Another niche conference we offered that discussed the issues affecting youth today and some steps that could be taken to address said issues. Traditional Native Parenting concepts, part of another conference we offer, are discussed, along with Native Disciplining, Traditional Counseling, Bullying, and Traditional Character Education Curriculum.

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