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The Institute for Diné Culture, Philosophy, and Government, LLC., is an organization committed to applying the concepts and philosophies of our Diné people. In the capacities of education, government, and health care and wellness, Diné Institute strives to apply the concepts of Fundamental Law to our Diné people, but also to our Indigenous people. Our cultural research and resources has allowed us to coordinate with various entities in education, government, social sciences, physical sciences, medical, and environmental based work. Our services extend to the everyday interactions in daily living. Much of our work is based on curriculum development with schools across differing tribal nations. We also assist in tribal governmental based development in consultation for cultural input. But are also flexible to apply our knowledge base and resources to your needs.

15th Annual Yikáii Yizhchį́ - 2021

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15th Annual Yikáii Yizhchį́ Video Topics

Wilson Aronilth Jr.

Episode 1 – Evil Monsters and Naałniih (Virus) in Ni’haltsoh (Yellow World) and Ni’halgai (White World)

Learn how evil monsters/viruses (jealousy, stinginess, grief, loneliness, lying) began in Ni’haltsoi (Yellow World) by those who abused the Natural Law. A flood destroyed everything. In Ni’halgai (White World): Naałniih came into existence because people made their own laws. Learn the different ways Naałniih tried to destroy our spiritual way of life (Sa’ąh Naagháí Bik’eh Hózhóón) and happiness. Question: Are these viruses with our generation today? Learn how the birth of Changing Woman and her twin sons came into existence to destroy all modern day monsters by using their secret weapon: lightning. Observe the ways the Twin Warriors brought back Navajo critical thinking and leadership.

Episode 2 – Evil Monsters and Naałniih (Virus) in Our Everyday Lives

Learn how evil monsters/viruses tried to destroy our Diné way of the educational system and our true principles to our Diné way of life by abusing it. Affected our Natural Laws in leadership. Understand how the primary principle of Natural Law is family leadership, however, Navajo people’s lifestyle started to change after the signing of the Treaty of 1868. Learn why the Navajo people had to accept Western education and philosophy. Loss of language even though this is what makes Diné people unique. Learn how Diné social laws, common Diné laws, Diné physical laws, Diné philosophies/rules, Diné moral laws, were being controlled by evil monsters. Explanation as to why building a hogan is vital. Question: How do we use our common/customary Diné laws to benefit our educational system? Confusion, negative thinking and laziness occurs. People lose their self-determination. K’é (Kinship) was abused. A miracle happened: The birth of Yoołgai Asdzą́ą́ (White Shell Woman). Asdzą́ą́ Nádleehí (Changing Woman) gave birth to twins: born to restore holistic healing, teachings, and reconnect back to the Natural Law.

Episode 3 – Evil Monsters/Naałniih (Virus) Disintegrating Our Diné Fundamental Values

Learn how evil monsters/viruses tried to destroy our Diné way of traditional roles and responsibilities by abusing our Diné values (spiritual/social). For example, do not go to Anasazi Ruins or you will develop health complications. Evil monsters tried to control the Diné way of beliefs. There was a loss of meaning to the Diné language. Navajo Community College was built with goals to protect and foster Navajo language and culture. Learn how abusing the Diné way of leadership changed the dynamics of K’é and kinship. K’é was lost. Anxiety, disappointment, anger, and frustration followed. Learn how evil monsters tried to control our six sacred mountains, made us confused about our sacred male/female rivers, tried to control our sacred four seasons, tried to control our sacred parts of the day (dawn, evening, night), tried to control our sacred Diné months, tried to destroy our sacred land and water, tried to put negative evil power into air, water, sunlight, and Nahasdzáán (Earth). The evil monsters tried to put negative power into our faith, prayer, and song, also, trying to control our Diné educational system in a negative way. Holy People saw all of the evilness going on and met but they were not knowledgeable to help. The birth of Asdzą́ą́ Nádleehí (Changing Woman) and the birth of twins began restoration.

Episode 4 – Tools and Resources to Combat the Evil Monsters and Naałniih (Virus)

Learn how the evil monsters/viruses almost destroyed our people in Ni’halgai (White World). Explanation of how different types of viruses tried to control Diné traditional responsibility, relating to Diné moral laws (judgment in right and wrong). Explanation of how evil monsters controlled the Diné judgment-good and bad-created confusion and hate was formed. For example, we began to criticize each other’s beliefs. Diné honesty and dishonesty were abused by the evil monsters. Stealing and alcoholism was created. Evil monsters started to control the meaning of good judgment and bad values. (Began to lose the meaning of their trust, love, and understanding). Observation of bringing bad values into the ceremonial setting. Explanation of how the Diné people lost the value of reasoning. Judgments in good behavior and bad behavior were abused by the evil monsters (laziness, prejudice, ignorance, anxiety, suicidal thoughts were produced). Diné judgment in good character and bad character was almost controlled by the evil monsters. (Developed bad social image). Our Diné beliefs were abused. Significance of the month of February (meant to acknowledge all mothers). Birth of Changing Woman in the form of a light. Origin of the cradleboard. To understand the importance of the Diné language (identified by the four sacred minerals). Understanding our sacred footprint.

Avery Denny

Episode 1 – Naałniih in Diné History

Understand the different types and characteristics of Naałniih, how it destroyed Diné life, how it affected the people, how the Holy People destroyed Naałniih and how the Holy People healed the people. Naałniih today: COVID-19. Using Navajo Holistic Healing versus modern medicine and an analysis of both.

Episode 2 – The Origin of the Diné Traditional Healing Chantways

Understand the meaning and structure of healing (Nahaghá): treatment process, and the main function (bee hatáál go). Understand the structure and layout of different healing chantways (hatáál). Understand the process of properly burying a loved one versus today’s western idea of burial. Familiarize yourself with The Emergence (Hajiinéí). It was during this period, the Plant People were created. Learn about the four different worlds: Black World (Ni’hodiłhił), Blue World (Ni’hodootł’izh), Yellow World (Ni’haltso) and the White World (Ni’halgai). Learn how First Man and First Woman separated (Separation of Gender) in the Yellow World and how it created unbalance in the supernatural world, sickness, and anger. Learn the four different techniques of spiritual diagnosis. Finally, understand how we are all going to rely on ceremonial ways for true healing.

Episode 3 – Origin of the Tachééh, Shoe Game, and Kinaaldá

Understand the meaning and different functions of a Tachééh (sweat ceremony). It was during a time, the male and female were in separate tachééh’s and this taught them how to communicate effectively. Learn about the various characteristics of the female and male and how it embodies the whole universe. Learn about the definition of Natural Law. Understand “Hózhǫ́ǫ́jí” and how it can help those who suffer from mental disorder conditions and how it can heal you. Learn how to address your family, using correct familial Diné names through K’é. Learn the origin and characteristics of the traditional Diné Shoe Game. Understand how the first human being found was a female and the meaning of her puberty ceremony, Kinaaldá.

Episode 4 – Changing Woman, Twin Warriors Journey to their Father the Sun, Treatment after COVID-19

Learn how Asdzą́ą́ Nádleehí (Changing Woman) and Jóhonaa’éí (Sun Bearer) met and Changing Woman gives birth to twin boys. Male Puberty Ceremony for boys and adult males are present to teach. Learn the different tools males use during puberty ceremony to make themselves strong. The twins start to question who their father is. Eventually, they find their father, Jóhonaa’éí. They find weapons to destroy the Big, Giant Monster. Upon their adventure, both find more evil in the world in the form of laziness, hunger but the twins spare their lives. Learn how living a long and healthy life to old age is essential. Learn about Anaa’jí (The Enemy Way) and how it is for those who suffer from PTSD. The Story of the “Big Snake Man.” Understand the true meaning of sovereignty: knowing the Diné language. Treatment after COVID-19: Herbal Medicine and Navajo Traditional Treatment.

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